Jerry Bond
- Founder & President of the Utah Business Development Alliance -

Jerry presently:
- Owns and operates Strategic Planning Services, Inc. & the Utah Business Development Alliance (UBDA).
- Board of Director & Consultant for The Coaches Team.
- Created UBDA to provide opportunities for small business owners to work with Government (federal, state, local) entities.

Jerry's Goal - Through the expertises afforded by two very unique non-profit foundations - The Coaches Team and the Utah Business Development Alliance - Jerry is helping new or small businesses grow and create the quality of life we all aspire to achieve.

Jerry's Background - Education - Experience includes:
  • Weber State University - Bachelors Degree, 1974.
  • Weber State University - Football & Track Letterman & Starter.
  • NFL player - NY Jets & LA Rams.
  • Special Assistant to Senator Hatch.
  • Business Owner.
  • Consultant - Government Contracts, Small to Medium Businesses, The Coaches Team Foundation.
  • Founder & Owner of the Utah Business Development Alliance.

  • Pat Arslanian - Captain of The Coaches Team says:
    - "Jerry Bond has always put forth an extra effort for special causes. He is dedicated to the cause of helping individuals and business owners benefit from the opportunities available through The Coaches Team. He is a visionary, and his vision is for financial success to be available to all that want it."

    Jerry says - "EVERYONE should have their piece of the American dream; and with the help of The Coaches Team, it is not only possible, but it WILL happen for anyone who really wants it, and is willing to take the steps necessary to make it happen."
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